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About me

I'm a medievalist and author of the book, Animal Soundscapes in Anglo-Norman Texts, an in-depth study of animal noises in medieval literature written in English and French. My work focuses on medieval animal studies, and the Environmental Humanities. I write about premodern concepts of nature and the environment, in particular in the following areas:

• Animal sound and translation into French.
• Medieval ecology, imperialism and pollution.
• Multilingualism in Western Europe.
• Continental philosophy and medievalism.

I'm currently a Research Fellow in Animal History on the Box Office Bears project at the University of Nottingham. I have taught at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle in Paris the University of Oxford, and the University of Liverpool. I am also the Representative for Early-Career Academics at the University Council of Modern Languages and I am on the Advisory Board for the Institute of Languages, Cultures, and Societies.


I regularly give talks about medieval literature and culture, and folklore. Please get in touch if you are interested. I am keen to work in collaboration, and welcome enquiries.


Dr Liam Lewis

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