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Teaching Specialism

I combine my research and teaching to focus on global issues affecting diverse communities.I have a wide range of teaching experience in institutions in the UK and in France, including francophone literatures and advanced translation. My teaching interests include critical approaches to the study of animals and the environment, practical explorations of sound and music, and critical theories of translation, gender and posthumanism. 

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is a valuable part of academic life. My goal as a teacher, tutor, and guide is to share with students the excitement of discovering new ideas and assessing these through critical debate. I strive to give students the right tools for developing their own research agendas and for self-evaluation. In my work as a university lecturer and workshop leader in theatre and performance settings I encourage students to think both intellectually and practically about the past. I draw on my experience as an ensemble performer to create interactive and student-led working and learning environments.

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University teaching

At the University of Liverpool I teach the following modules: 

Literature, Art, and Architecture in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (MA)

From Sheepskin to E-Reader: Books and Publishing in France

Translation project

Manger: Food and Culture

Language Awareness

Advanced, Intermediate, and Proficient French

Introduction to French Studies I, II

I am also an officer for the British Council Year Abroad programme.

At the University of Warwick I have taught on the following modules: 

Medieval to Renaissance English Literature (English)

Arthurian Literature and its Legacy (English)

Animals in Medieval Literature (French)

French Cultural Landmarks: Love, Language, Power (French)

Modern French Translation (French)

Qualitative Research Methods (Liberal Arts)

Human-Animal Studies: An Interdisciplinary Module Exploring Animals in Society (Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning)


At the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, I taught as lecteur de langue anglaise for the Licence d'Anglais, the Licence Langues étrangères appliquées and the Concours d'Agrégation. I have taught on medieval French papers at the University of Oxford, where I lectured on the Chastelaine de Vergy and the History of the Book.

I have facilitated undergraduate workshops on Medieval Women's Writing and Music of the Crusades (see below for further details).

Private tuition

I have a number of years experience tutoring students to GCSE and A-Level English and French, and can offer support for literature and language elements of these exams. I have also tutored for the French Brevet and offer proofreading services. I can also offer consultation on UK university entrance procedures and exams, including to Oxbridge candidates.

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"It was really nice having [Liam] as our lecteur. I enjoyed the topics we discussed and I felt more comfortable giving my opinion than I usually do. Thank you!"

"This was an excellent module. The information was clearly accessible which makes student life much more simple. Liam was very knowledgeable and made the module engaging."

"The seminars have been really fun and interesting, and helped me out with my social anxiety and fear of speaking in front of a group."

Testimonials from students at the Sorbonne Nouvelle and the University of Liverpool

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